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    Yamaha yb 100

    Hi all trying to get hold of a fork tube for my yb 100 1988 project, part no 4w8 24124 00 00 im really struggling, dose anyone know if any other models like the rx 100 or dt etc would also fit ? Or know where i could get hold of a yb 100 one ? Thanks
  2. Ive just started this same modle did you get it finished ?
  3. Math23

    Yamaha v50p

    Hi guys just trying out uploading pics full post later http://
  4. Looking to get some pics loaded up its arrived can i not load them direct ? Do i have to use a photo sharing website?
  5. Sure is pal,43 years old the one ive just picked up, gona take some work but im up for a challenge
  6. Thanks ill get some pics up once the bike lands
  7. Helo Everyone, had many bikes over the years, been looking around for a project for a while which has lead me to purchase a a 1976 yamaha v50p ! joined to share ideas and get advise etc, im presuming the Projects threads are going to be my way forward ? Cheers all
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