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  1. Thanks mate. I was trying to find a manual but could only find dodgy sites (as in looked dodgy) or DVD versions which would take a few days to arrive. I'll probably order one for the wife's 125 and one for my 650.
  2. Well I came up pretty short trying to search the web so spent around 8 hours in the workshop today and think I traced it back to the rear brake switch. It took a long time to track it back and the only way I found it was to strip back the harness and spend a couple of horus tracking as much as I could to look for any breaks of bare wiring. The fuse that was blowing was the SIGNAL one so what I did was strip the harness back to reveal the wires from that fuse line. It had 4 brown wires and 1 black coming from it. I knew the brown wires went to indicators, lights etc so I figured the only thing I could do was to cut the wires and reconnect them one at a time until the fuse blew. Hey presto as soon as I connected the rear brake light the fuse blew. So I've ordered a new switch and hopefully it'll be here in time for my day off Thursday to put it all back together.
  3. Hi everyone, please give some any pointers that may help stopping me going in crazy. A few weeks ago the wife rode her bike home and said her indicators had stopped working. On checking I found the main fuse (10A) had blown so I changed it and all seemed good. Yesterday she came home and said the same again. I put a new fuse and the second I turn the ignition key on the fuse blew. I noticed one indicator was full of water and the bulb was rusted in so i took that apart and it made no difference, I unplugged the connections to the front indicators and it still blew the fuse. I opened the headlight bowl and there was nothing obvious like bare wires etc. I pulled the tank back a good few inches and the wiring cluster all looked good and solid and nothing obvious chaffing anywhere. I rang my local bike shop to ask if we could drop it off but they said they don't do electricals. The bike still starts and rides. Sooo, any pointers would be handy
  4. Hi guys, just bobber'd my XVS 650 but would like to look at exhaust options. Is it right that the rear sections come off and include the baffles? If so can I find something shorter that also has baffles in or is it easier to just change the whole system? I'm hoping to end up with something black and certainly shorter than the stock exhausts. I did buy some black exhaust wrap but decided it's not really what I want to do Thanks in advance:)
  5. Crumbs, that looks uncomfortable I realise this is an old threadbut curious if you ever sorted it? I've just, this week, bobber'd my 650 and almost all seats I looked at were sprung at the back.
  6. I recently picked up a 650 Dragstar and decided to bobber it and whilst looking for answers on the internet many of my questions bought me to here so I thought it only fair to sign up with a paid membership. I've been riding since the 80's but in the last 20 years or so I've only really ever kept a bike for less than a year as I could not get it through the side doors into my back garden and I didn't just want to leave it on the drive. Anyway my wife decided she wanted to start riding last year so she passed her CBT and got herself a YBR125. She's a bit of a rock chick so I bought her a Dragstar 125 for Christmas and after looking at it on the drive for a few weeks I got the bug again and got myself a Dragstar 650. I've spent the last week (week off work) bobbering it which included narrower handlebars so I can now get through the passageways into my workshop. We'll do the wife's in the coming months. I'm now a happy biker once again and look forward to being a part of this community Here's a pic of my bike before and after bobbering as well as my wife's.
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