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  1. Hi all Could someone clarify the rules regarding what exactly shows control of your motorcycle during Element C of the CBT please.... Just gone for one on Saturday and they had us doing a slalom through cones, the same as on the Mod 1 test. Checked the Gov.uk page for the syllabus of CBT, and it makes no mention of a slalom, but I am unsure if it is a required section or is my instructor just trying to get more money out of me for 'the extra training required to pass' - given my partner also couldn't do the same slalom on her CBT with the same company a week ago? Maybe it IS a required element, but seems a bit complex for complete novices to be doing a slalom only an hour after getting onto a motorbike? Maybe I'm wrong, hopefully someone can help me understand the significance of it on the CBT....? Thanks in advance Adam
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