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  1. Trying to get a spark and crank with start button. Gauges and lights only light up with main switch in center position.. is this the run position? Also, is it necessary for the turn signal wiring to be complete to get a spark and power to the solenoid? There is a solid yellow wire that went to the dimmer, does this need 12v for the bike to start? Horn does not work either. Please attempt to help me. I am using an aftermarket left handlebar switch. From the harness I have Pink- horn - I have power here Blue/Yellow- headlight dimmer switch power input - I have power here Green- headlight low beam Yellow/black- headlight high beam Yellow- unknown Blue-unknown Dark Green-right signal Brown/white-turn signal switch power? I have power here Dark Brown- left signal Yellow/red- unknown - I have power here black-unkown From the switch I have Power input , High & low - headlight Turn signal power, left & right -turns And 2 wires for the horn Edit: have spark now and cranks with button, just gotta figure out this mess
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