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  1. Hey there, So, i'm Josh, 26 years young, from the UK. I'm relatively new to the bike scene though I've always loved them and have found this Forum to be very useful, so here I am :), as what seems to be very common practice, my first bike is the Yamaha XVS 125 Dragstar, slightly customised. Sadly, my baby does require some work in order to get her road worthy, downside of second hand purchases Being a complete novice i'm wanting to be sure before I buy the parts that they will be right, so my question, my rear wheel apparently needs to be replaced due to "cracks in the drum" fair enough, which leads me to the help I need, my bike is the 2001 model, i'm struggling to source parts that are specific to that year, is there a difference between the 2001 and 2002 Yamaha XVS 125 Dragstar in relation to the rear wheel? Thanks and thanks! Josh
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