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  1. Welcome. I too have not long joined and found them to be very helpful here. Great bike.
  2. Excellent thread and has inspired me to do the 12v conversion. I have got all my stuff from "speedshop" and just about done. The regulator is easy to find on my 1981 dt175mx however I cannot locate the rectifier, can anyone help me with this. I think it is under the tank on the left handside but as that is so small I am not sure - it has a red and two white wires going to it.
  3. Don't know if this helps you.
  4. I have went the opposite way, maybe an age thing. But I cant be bothered with the numpties on FB so gave that up and back to the forums.
  5. Draining is not a thing I do on any of my bikes. I just shake them once a week and start them up. Works for me just now. Two of my bikes have carbs so I would need to drain them to and cant be bothered. As said, whither right ir wrong, it works for me.
  6. My 2015 tracer 900 and my 1981 DT175 mx
  7. When I was 16 I wanted to upgrade my FS1E and get a DT175. I then met my "to be" wife and it all went out the window. Now 57 I have got my bike and cant help the smile it puts on my face. This is an unrestored example with just over 4k miles. To say j am japoynwould be an understatement. I have the full document history of the bike and the original bill of sale.
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