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  1. Chances are, you’ve got a champion spark plug, take it out and throw it as far away as you can, and replace it with an NGK one. Problem sorted
  2. Edgar-tron

    RXS 100 ???

    I had RXS100 back when they first came out, or should I say my mate brought one. He was 6’5” and weighed 1 1/2 stone more than me, and brought a new one. I had an RD125lc, but it was the Pre-restricted one at 28 BHP, so it went like [email protected]?k. Whipped my mate easy on RXS. With his bike only 6 weeks old, we had barrel off, stuffed wood tight in top barrel and secured into vice. I told him to raise exhaust port 2mm, while I aligned intake ports with piston inlets which were quite out, I looked over and he had done 6mm !!!. I rounded exhaust port off and said it will do one of two things. I ported reed block so only 1 mm overlap on hythe Korea’s reeds. Raised main jet by 2 sizes and needle raised by 1 slot. Skimmed air filter in half and drilled another 25mm hole in lower air filter. We couldn’t get new expansion chamber, but got hold of RS all speed one, but with blow torch managed to slowly bend down pipe enough to make it fit. Well we were shocked at performance, as he out accelerated my bike then, and I brought it off him, I had each morning 56 miles to go to work, from Bethersden to hailsham, and it took me 56 min each day to do it, thus averaged 60 mph, on a 100. Ended up putting hole in piston after about 3 months, didn’t realise about heat ranges on spark plugs back then, lol. ive just brought myself another at 53 years old, and just about to do same tune, my done is 17 next June, so he’s excited about me proving it’s possible
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