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  1. Hello, I just bought my self a midnight star 1300 and shortly after i left in about 5 miles oil start to come out from the air intake casing, but a really propper amount of it that pored on the engine, exhaust and everywhere. I asked the guy and he said that when he changed the oil he put in about 4 liters of oil. Some other guy said that it is a common issue with Yamaha's and it is from a faulty rocker cover, and if i start listening to everybody... i will get nowhere After it took out about 2-300ml (by the looks) it stopped leacking and it gived blue smoke for about 10 miles. After that nothing came out any more. Left it for 2 days and when started up,again a big cloud of smoke till it warm for a bit and again nothing Checked the oil level still over max level on the stand Should i be concerned? Thank you in advance
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