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  1. Regards to all, please help me ... I bought online at https://www.motorcyclehouse.co.uk QUICK DISCONNECT SYSTEM (QDS) for my Midnightstar 950A https://ibb.co/C0fTRCk And received confirmation that the goods were sent ... https://ibb.co/RYnNDgp But I only got nuts and bolts without KDS. https://ibb.co/16QjpFr I sent a request 225773 and got this answer…. https://ibb.co/ThVpBtS But nothing was happening, so I sent in a request number 227358…. https://ibb.co/sFJyqVL. I checked the claim that the QDS were out of stock and received the answer that they had one https://ibb.co/Sy1M44D In the meantime, I only got nuts and bolts again https://ibb.co/wy2CcD5 So now I have two sets of nuts and bolts without QDS https://ibb.co/jwf15B0 I again made a request and again received a promise that my money would be returned. https://ibb.co/CsVMqxD I haven't got the money back yet. QDS is currently available on the site https://ibb.co/0JD1prX Can anyone help me? Advice? Thanks in advance. PS Excuse me in my bad English.
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Slavko. I'm 54 years old. I live in Serbia and I work in Bulgaria. I work a lot, I drive a little ... When I'm not working, I drive a Midnightstar 950A , 2012. Greetings from Serbia/Bulgaria.
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