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  1. thanks for the welcomes. sounds like a good place to pop in every now & then. Oh & yeah I have been told I can turn a text into an essay. cheers Rich
  2. Rich back on two wheels Trying to find the best, most recommended or the most SUITABLE 2 stroke engine oil. I've searched the for Yamahas recommended 2 stroke oil for my 1986 Yamaha RD350LC and come up with no definitive answer? at the moment I'm unsure which would be the best? possibly MOTUL 2T 100 mineral or maybe one of the Castrol brands, Activo 2T, Power 1 2T or Power 1 racing 2T OR maybe there is a better alternative altogether? I would love to hear from anyone in the know on this one. any responses are much appreciated. plus I'm in a bit of a predicament, as although I've seen the seat removed before and I have the key for the lock which turns both ways as of yet & not wanting to break anything I have not yet been able to get the seat off to A: fit the needed replacement oil filler cap & B: to also be able to refill the oil tank & of course with a good brand that suits the bike. many thanks for any responses & free laughs for you for my stuck seat. cheers Rich
  3. hi to all of you out there members & those in general that just like to get out there on two wheels. How I have made it back on them? iv'e just joined up & wanted to say hi. I noticed a couple of posts from Brisbane & sunny Queensland. one being situated inside the other. I send my best wishes to you and the lovely place that they are. I have friends there from the Brisbane area from there around the Beautiful Noosa Heads down the east coast to Melbourne. so sending love to my home from home & all my most friendly of friends there of different generations from myself & all my other connected friends here in the UK. I just thought I would share with you the fact that I am back on two wheels after a long break, having ridden all manor of bike of road with friends since about the age of 14 I got a Suzuki X1 on then road at 16 on L plates & of course it wasn't kitted up or anything like that? Then I got into scootering because a close mate of mine had introduced me to all his older brothers mates who had a local club & they were a mad bunch of guys and we also crossed over with one of the guys joining a band we had going & we ended up entertaining them all at some of their dos as well as other gigs. so even though id changed my two wheels for a Vespa, at the age of just 16 I went on my first scooter rally & it was great fun, travelling over 450 miles on a bank holiday weekend there & back. even though I went on to Pass my driving test in a car at seventeen with the aid of my job as a trainee Mechanic I still continued to ride a larger 125cc on L plates for a few years. I took finally took my bike test so I could have the option of carrying a passenger, but most of all I wanted something a bit faster and always admired the Yamaha RD350LC. During this time I had left the Mechanics position to earn some quicker cash but unfortunately injured my back which became worse at work and while doing sports. I had to stop the sports & eventually lost my job after a small op just made it worse. I ended up selling my scooter to one of my Aussie's European friends from France where he eventually took it back to. bikes of any kind became a distant memory for quite some time as I endured more surgeries to try to stop the pain over a period of years. the biggest of which added to my back pain accompanying leg pain & weakness & difficulty passing water at times. I had got married during all of this & neither of us knew how bad it was to get. we had kids. dealing with one was easy. but with two the train of it became worse. I had some more key hole surgery to remove some scare tissue & disc remnants from my lowest disc area now filled with titanium cages which lowered the leg pain down some but as warned my disc above was over working & that began bulging every now & again. after a particularly bad episode when I had been trying to do to much for my family & extended I needed to be cared for away from home by my brother. I returned home when ready to do so to find a wife wanting a divorce!? after the initial shock of it all I decided to just minimise the impact on the children as much as possible. by doing this I maintained a reasonable joint parent ship of our children& have them still live with me 3 days a week. its tough. really tough some times, needing lots of laying down rest every day just to get through it, lots of pain relief & sometimes a day or more to recover from some activities or to much done at home. but I'm leaning to manage & cope with the condition & the medication better as time has gone on. so I had a thought, do you know what I'm gonna get myself back on two wheels. I may not get to ride that often or for long distances but I will when I can & I will bloody well enjoy it. I had a bit of good fortune & some money came my way. so I went a bit mad & bought the 2 2 wheelers I always wanted but never had. so I got myself a Vespa P200E & my coveted Yamaha RD350LC yvps. I just thought that I know I won't get to ride them that often & I will have to be a fair weather rider to be safe & not make my condition worse. though I expect to have an increase in pain after a ride. plus as much as I love that YAMAHA, the Vespa is lighter to get in & out of its lock up so will be the one to see more miles & semi regular short runs might even strengthen my back & give me a longer sitting tolerance before pain becomes increasingly bad. so might even help me a little in the long run. but on the odd occasion that I do feel good enough to take out the RD I will saver every second of every short blast I manage two fit in. if it turns out that its to much for me then I still own a true modern classic, & if even going out on the scoot becomes to much then I'll own another modern classic of the scooter world. at the moment I'm only limited on when & how often I can ride so I will when I can. There may come a day when I cant ride at all, so ill make the most of it while I can. plus there's the issue of people wanting to do away with the 2 stroke machines & have them all converted to electric, the heathens. So enjoy your petrol engines while you can in case it becomes a reality? best wishes to you all whatever you ride Back on 2 wheels
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