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  1. hi to all of you out there members & those in general that just like to get out there on two wheels. How I have made it back on them? iv'e just joined up & wanted to say hi. I noticed a couple of posts from Brisbane & sunny Queensland. one being situated inside the other. I send my best wishes to you and the lovely place that they are. I have friends there from the Brisbane area from there around the Beautiful Noosa Heads down the east coast to Melbourne. so sending love to my home from home & all my most friendly of friends there of different generations from myself & all my other connected friends here in the UK. I just thought I would share with you the fact that I am back on two wheels after a long break, having ridden all manor of bike of road with friends since about the age of 14 I got a Suzuki X1 on then road at 16 on L plates & of course it wasn't kitted up or anything like that? Then I got into scootering because a close mate of mine had introduced me to all his older brothers mates who had a local club & they were a mad bunch of guys and we also crossed over with one of the guys joining a band we had going & we ended up entertaining them all at some of their dos as well as other gigs. so even though id changed my two wheels for a Vespa, at the age of just 16 I went on my first scooter rally & it was great fun, travelling over 450 miles on a bank holiday weekend there & back. even though I went on to Pass my driving test in a car at seventeen with the aid of my job as a trainee Mechanic I still continued to ride a larger 125cc on L plates for a few years. I took finally took my bike test so I could have the option of carrying a passenger, but most of all I wanted something a bit faster and always admired the Yamaha RD350LC. During this time I had left the Mechanics position to earn some quicker cash but unfortunately injured my back which became worse at work and while doing sports. I had to stop the sports & eventually lost my job after a small op just made it worse. I ended up selling my scooter to one of my Aussie's European friends from France where he eventually took it back to. bikes of any kind became a distant memory for quite some time as I endured more surgeries to try to stop the pain over a period of years. the biggest of which added to my back pain accompanying leg pain & weakness & difficulty passing water at times. I had got married during all of this & neither of us knew how bad it was to get. we had kids. dealing with one was easy. but with two the train of it became worse. I had some more key hole surgery to remove some scare tissue & disc remnants from my lowest disc area now filled with titanium cages which lowered the leg pain down some but as warned my disc above was over working & that began bulging every now & again. after a particularly bad episode when I had been trying to do to much for my family & extended I needed to be cared for away from home by my brother. I returned home when ready to do so to find a wife wanting a divorce!? after the initial shock of it all I decided to just minimise the impact on the children as much as possible. by doing this I maintained a reasonable joint parent ship of our children& have them still live with me 3 days a week. its tough. really tough some times, needing lots of laying down rest every day just to get through it, lots of pain relief & sometimes a day or more to recover from some activities or to much done at home. but I'm leaning to manage & cope with the condition & the medication better as time has gone on. so I had a thought, do you know what I'm gonna get myself back on two wheels. I may not get to ride that often or for long distances but I will when I can & I will bloody well enjoy it. I had a bit of good fortune & some money came my way. so I went a bit mad & bought the 2 2 wheelers I always wanted but never had. so I got myself a Vespa P200E & my coveted Yamaha RD350LC yvps. I just thought that I know I won't get to ride them that often & I will have to be a fair weather rider to be safe & not make my condition worse. though I expect to have an increase in pain after a ride. plus as much as I love that YAMAHA, the Vespa is lighter to get in & out of its lock up so will be the one to see more miles & semi regular short runs might even strengthen my back & give me a longer sitting tolerance before pain becomes increasingly bad. so might even help me a little in the long run. but on the odd occasion that I do feel good enough to take out the RD I will saver every second of every short blast I manage two fit in. if it turns out that its to much for me then I still own a true modern classic, & if even going out on the scoot becomes to much then I'll own another modern classic of the scooter world. at the moment I'm only limited on when & how often I can ride so I will when I can. There may come a day when I cant ride at all, so ill make the most of it while I can. plus there's the issue of people wanting to do away with the 2 stroke machines & have them all converted to electric, the heathens. So enjoy your petrol engines while you can in case it becomes a reality? best wishes to you all whatever you ride Back on 2 wheels
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