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  1. Hi All, Newbe alert! I'm currently restoring a '79 DT175MX and looking for a few parts (dials x 2, loom, rear mudguard & metal support bracket), if anyone has any of these or come to think of it, any parts that will fit this bike please let me know Cheers
  2. Hi, I'm currently restoring a '79 DT175MX. Sometime during its life the bike has been converted it to a dirt bike and the bracket where the stand attaches to removed. I have sourced a stand and spring and now need to fabricate a bracket which I can weld onto the frame. I would like to make as close to the original as possible and was wondering if anyone could take some close up pictures (ideally with a ruler in shot for size references) which I can use to fabricate a bracket Any help much appreciated Cheers
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