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  1. @slice @bippo @Cynic Ok ill keep looking There is a Yamaha YBR 125 in white, 2016, 9000 miles for £1800 and my budget is 2k (comes with top box too) at a dealership near me so im going to go have a look at that tomorrow, i prefer the YS for the digital display and some what better looks but there is none locally that i can check out. i just want to hurry up and get my first bike im like a kid at Christmas lol Really appreciate the feedback, Thank you all.
  2. @slice Thanks for the comment man, i am a complete novice so i need all the help i can get, im going to add that to my list of things to check if and when the bike arrives. much appreciated mate
  3. Hello all, So ill start with giving you a little back story Ive recently just done my CBT and im looking to get my first bike (YamahaYS 125 used) There has been none in my local area for a while now and ive been considering biting the bullet and getting one delivered from down south, one has popped up that i really like and dealership has been great in sending me pictures and information but i asked for a video of the bike running and riding and he said "I won’t be able to send you a video of it running though, as it needs a new lock set. The keys have been misplaced and we can’t find them. So the bike will have a brand new ignition and whole new lock set."is this anything to worry about? I would really appreciate any feedback Thanks
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