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  1. Thanks guys. It's an XV920r but I can't be 100% sure that the original tank. Captive nut sounds good. If it isn't as captive as hoped and it drops off I'll have to fish it out as suggested by drowpy and then come up with some 'thing' to hold it up on the inside of the tank as my fingers aren't long enough to reach down into the opening and back up (there is a 3 / 4cm tube in the opening..
  2. Hi all. I wanted to replace the locking cap on my tank. I've got a replacement already - looks fine. I can see the old and the new is fixed using what looks like a single bolt. I have to ask before I undo the old one - does the tank have a threaded hole or should I be trying to catch a nut that might drop off inside the tank. Hoping it's a threaded hole for obvious reasons. Thanks
  3. Hi all, First posting. First Yamaha XV920R. The choke cable has been removed so I am looking to replace it with a 'pull out chock' located on the side rather than the handlebar. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do that? Can it be done? Thanks in advance Dave
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