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  1. I'll make this short. A neighbor's grandson stored his YZ125 MX machine in grandpa's garage when he went off to university, some 10 years ago. Grandpa wants "us" to CONVERT the MX into a docile motorbike he can take to the mountain cabin and putt-putt around on dirt roads. With a cold beer in hand, we uncovered the 'project', and the first thing I saw was its height. Better make a list; #1: PuttPutt bikes do not include a stepladder. Replace the suspension. #2: Grandpa's butt will not fit. Replace the seat. #3: Grandpa will remove all the plastic parts in order to see the skeleton. AGREED! Week#2 I hoped that would dampen his plans, but he already has it running ! No chain, no rear tire, broken clutch,,, the usual. #4: First thing he notices: Its too loud. Replace exhaust-arrester with a real $$$ muffler/silencer. #5: List parts needed, sic: parts I may already have. (I happen to have a MC junk pile we can use). Week#3 Here's where you can help "us" --- I'm thinking it would be easier (and safer) to put that engine into another bike. I have a nice donor Yamaha enduro (175?250) with large hole in crankcase. Making mounts for that YZ125 appears simple. I have a Honda ATV rad unit, way smaller than the Yamaha, but twice as thick. It would fit behind the engine. Also have small 12vFan cooled rad unit from a Polaris(Sachs 360) snow machine. But, does the YZ have 12V alternator ? Any ideas ??? especially ideas that can save ME a lot of work !!!
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