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  1. Howdy, I always liked the low front fenders on the DT1 (and other older models). I have seen several DT100 photos from Europe that have this fender, but was unable to find a used one in the US. So, I took a chance and ordered a used Honda Trail 90 (CT90) fender (it was only $40). Got it today, and it is a perfect fit...the mounting bolts line up with no modification. I am in heaven! It is even a yellow that is fairly close to the rest of my bike. Still can't figure out how to attach photos. I am old, how do you attach something from a URL? I just want to attach a PDF or GIF like
  2. Hello, I am a new member located in Denver, Colorado. I inherited a 1982 DT100 from my son. It was his first bike and he moved to a larger one. I must admit I have always been a Honda guy (1976 XL100, 1973 CB125, 1974 Trail 90), but I have a special connection to the DT100. In the summer after High School graduation, 1977, my buddy bought a DT100 and convinced me (didn't take much) to buy a bike and take it up to his family cottage in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for the month of August. I found the XL...only a year old with less than 2000 miles on it for $300. Amazing how fast bikes
  3. RH-DT100: I am new to this forum and found it via one of your photos. I am in Denver, Colorado and have a 1982 DT100. I would like to get a low front fender like yours, but Ebay searches turn up nothing. Are these common in the UK? Do you know where I can get one? Thanks, PinkTavo
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