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  1. Cleaned jets out but they were clean anyway and bike back to standard settings but made no difference. Definitely running rich tho as spark plug very black. I think the float may be set way to high. Also think may have compression problems. Ie piston rings or valve timings.
  2. Hi people, I'm looking for some advice on my project bike I bought for next summer. I bought cheap as a commuter for work during summer months. The bike runs but not well. Will tick over with choke on but when I try to take choke off gradually, even when warm the bike will die with no choke. Also when I rev the bike there is like a delay/ bogginess at beginning of throttle that can sometimes make it stall. The bike rides OK when I test drove it but have to keep revs up when stopped, I haven't rode it since as is in garage with bits off. I have cleaned carb with carb cleaner although I haven't taken out the jets individually and cleaned them. Seemed fairly clean anyway inside. Also I have tried adjusting idle screw and also pilot screw to an extent although it is hard to adjust when bike is running and engine hot. Im not sure what route to take next. New carb possibly? Next week I am borrowing a compression tester to check if it needs top end doing. The bike came with a 150 big bore kit so could fit that if compression is bad but I'd rather not. My knowledge is limited but I have basic knowledge and pick stuff up quickly. Also speedo doesn't work so don't know mileage ect. Thanks for any help in advance. Cheers, Kaz.
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