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  1. There are too many issues with relays and wiring. Plan on switching to all LED lighting with corresponding relays. Any suggestions?
  2. Yeah, a lot of friends in family had some damage but everyone's safe.
  3. I decided to rebuild them. No since chancing it over $60. Also switching flasher and headlight relays to LED. I plan on riding late at night when there's less traffic here in the foothills of North Carolina. I want to be seen from all angles so I'm going to LED everything. Even thinking about LED's on my helmet.
  4. Starting a restore project on a 1979 XS750 Special. So far I've mostly cleaned everything under the seat and tank. I removed carbs today and found a great deal of oil in right side of triple. That means I have a bad petcock on that side allowing too much fuel to enter and flood chamber bringing oil back to the carb. No problem since I plan on rebuilding them anyway. Should I rebuild carbs or can I get away with just cleaning them? Also ordering starter and flasher relays since I'm having electrical issues with lights and etc. Just installed a new battery cover/fuse box. The old one had been removed and was direct wired in the most horrific way imaginable. I figured it was because they bypassed bad relays. Any thoughts on these subjects greatly appreciated.
  5. Restoring my 1979 XS750SF to showroom condition. First time restoring a bike. Problem I'm having is electrical of course. It's been sitting indoors for over 2 years. Turn signals come on but do not flash and headlight/parking lights not coming on.. Any suggestions are gratefully welcomed.
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