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  1. I just got an old chappy 50cc. I cleaned the carb really well, replaced the spark plug. When I kick it over I HAVE SPARK! ANd there is good compression. However it does not start? I even tried pouring a little bit of gas directly into the carb. Nothing. I tried taking oit the spark plug, puring a tiny bit if gas in there and quickly replacing the plug and kicking it over......I thought that would at least ignote that little bit of gas, but nothing? I DO NOT have a battery installed, the toggle kill switch on the right side handle bar I tried all 3 positions and no change. I am surprised, especially if there is spark and fuel in the chamber, should it not at least ignite that fuel? Do I need battery installed to start it? Could it be my kill switch? Thought and thanks Shawn
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    Chappy Parts

    My 14 year old son and I just picked up a 1975 Yamaha Chappy LB50. It is mostly complete, so we are planning to have father son project to get it running. Wondering; 1-where it is possible to get parts? (plastics like battery cover, foot rest area, seat vinyl etc) 2- What parts are interchangeable with other bikes (ie cables, carbs, muffler....) 3- I have downloaded the "Owners manual" but is there a decent more in depth repair manual to look for? Thanks in advance, we are looking forward to this project
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