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  1. Hi Guy's I have a 1990 535 I have replaced the wiring loom with one from a breaker's they claimed was the right year, it's fitted BUT The manual show's the wire's from the stater connect to one of the unit's below the right hand side of the fuel tank via the loom BUT there is no connecting block near the battery box to connect it to anybody got any idea what i should do ?
  2. I have a 1990 535 Virago i was sold a wiring loom which i was told is for this model but it's not i have cut open the loom and running a wire from a to b matching the diagram as much as i can But i don't know what the control's are under the right side chrome cover other than the turn signal relay. Can any body help[.?
  3. I am restoring a 535 virago i got a new second hand wiring harness but it is not the same as what came off the bike so i striped the outer casing and connected what seemed right the thing i don't know is what is under the chrome cover one is the signal relay but what are the other components ?
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