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  1. Thanks slice,good find that one as has all the sizes Inc airjet etc
  2. Hi,as above have pods currently but will be going back to the standard airbox for a miriad of reasons... My bike is the last of the 58l model,uk spec and is a 1991 So many contradictory info on what was the standard jet size etc so could someone give me a pointer. Thanks. Nev
  3. Hi,new owner of a slightly ropey looking xj900f,however mechanically in great condition. It has been...tastefully turned into a cafe racer which is how I bought it and will be undoing all the work to turn it into a naked or faired muscleish looking xj. Currently running pods which are tuned to almost perfection and has taken me ages to get there however will be looking at going back to standard airbox as winter will soon be here and want wet weather protection!! Will no doubt be asking many many questions!!! Cheers. Nev
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