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  1. Many thanks Blackhat250.. This is the fairly flimsy looking contraption, below the some metal, some plastic cogs, right? To the right of the clutch and its drum/basket..? (I'm a car or outboard fella when it comes to engines traditionally!) Any idea how it SHOULD be 'set' or what tension.. or any details or link that may help.? Please..? I know I'll figure it out, I always do in the end.. But missing out on some good bike run days as it is...! Many thanks again for pointing me in what sounds the most likely contender!
  2. Hi there! You folk haven't heard the best yet, as far as YBR box & clutch related issues go... ready.? Sitting comfortably..? Once upon a time, very recently in fact... Still ongoing tbh..! I decided to try and sort out my 'disappearing neutral' as it was more annoying than anything else... Yammy YBR's are lovely, lightweight, easy going commuters.. Anyhoo.. it took an oil change and chain slack adjustment to fix that, fair enough you think, Oooh no, yammy had other plans.. And before anyone harps on about newbies not knowing their arse from their elbow, I've been really gentle on the gear peg, as I got it bent and was told neutral 'was there somewhere'..! Added to that I change up or down by easing off the throttle, clutch lever in, gear select, clutch out slow, then build revs.. ot even had to double de-clutch and use the old slight revs..hear it try to jump, then clutch and change properly.. whatever it has taken to get the 'lost gear' to make an appearance.. riding bikes since the mid 80's.. After 2 weeks of actually having a real, workable neutral... a first on this bike.! (had around 29,500 miles on her) Neutral went and hid,again... Buuut, this time it took with it 1st and 2nd gear.. Gone, Vanished. So I soldiered on, commuted without some gears, whilst ordering a new clutch cable, new plates and springs,etc. Fitted new clutch pressure plates, rings, did ANOTHER oil change, cleaned the wee screen filter (again) even lacquered the clutch cover! Anyhoo, I digress... She now has a BEAUTIFUL 1st, NEUTRAL and 2nd gear... NOTHING ELSE..!! I couldn't fit the new clutch cable as tbh it's naff quality, rather I took off the Yammy original, soaked it in oil, pulled it through, lovely now, so all SHOULD have been good... But no, not a hope.. Now wondering just how battered the gears could be..? Being a 125 it has probably had others smash their way through the box no doubt... Anyone any ideas..? Clues..? Known of this bizarre 'ghostly gearbox' enigma before...? Clutch cable is set to midway and the approved travel at the lever end. Cheers, Dazzyweb.
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