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  1. its on its way! along with a headlight, speedo cable, and hopefully thats it for a while. ive been beating the crap out of the local asphalt anyway, the bike runs like a fricken swiss watch. im going down to the local bar today around 2 or 3 for "bike night"....i generally win, and generally with a different vintage honda, suzuki, or yamaha every time. the harley guys effing hate me. its pretty much the pride of my life.
  2. definitely a clutch pusher ball. I smashed grease around it and stuck it back into the hole where it contacts the throw bearing pushrod. dummy. i should have seen that one coming. but she runs like a champ mostly now. especially after i removed the old cigarette butts and woolen bits of rats nest out of the air box. might have to enrichen things a little now. gonna ride it for a day and decide later.
  3. yeah, one dude was helping, but hes not evil like that. upon further reassembly, i noticed my clutch adjustment was suddenly WAAAYYY slack.....but the clutch unit stayed together the whole time, so i still dont understand how it could have lost a mystery bearing. basically, im calling one of my olde tyme-y buddies, and then the whole $#@%% thing is coming apart again today. F me, ill probably find a half inch bearing this time. probably roll out of the carb or something. awesome.
  4. hi everyone, I just put a new kick starter shaft in my G7 (same as the G6 and G6SB....I have no idea which one i have, but they're all the same.) as I'm reassembling the bike there in my driveway, I look down in horror, seeing a lone ball bearing laying there on the asphalt, and I have no idea where it could have come from! in the process of the repair, the motor stayed in frame, and I only had to remove the right crankcase cover. I've poured through my manual and every exploded parts diagram that bike bandit has to offer, and I've only found one ball bearing that is loose and on its own, and its in the oil pump....I knew about that one, and its safe and accounted for. now for the killer....the bearing measures an even .250".....so I'm doubting they used a standard ball bearing in a metric bike. I mean, a .250 bearing wont even go into a 6 mil hole, so where would they have used it? unless some genius out there knows where they might have stuck this mystery bearing, I am going to operate on the assumption that it just sort of got there from my bag of tools, or some other random act of god, just messing with me. but PLEASE if someone out there has any notion, please let me know. I realize I'm asking about a relatively rare model that was only released in the USA for 3 years around the end of the 60's, but I can't be the only one out there to have done this work before, so I'm hoping for a miracle and someone gets back to me. thanks in advance for any help you can give, it is greatly appreciated. cheers, Brian Foose
  5. well, i got it in today, and everything is fine. i have no idea what happened. i initially tried and it hung up, then i decided, for the first time, to put the banjo bolt, spring, and ball bearing for the output line in the pump while i installed it, and the damned pump fell right on. minor adjustments later and im properly smoking out the whole street like god and nature intended. it was my understanding the ball bearing was nothing more than a check valve to stop oil flow when the bike isnt running, so i figured it would have nothing to do with installing the pump. and i still doubt it does, but coincidence or not, thats what happened. so heck with it. im going to keep a wary eye on it, and then im going to make some smoke all over the county.
  6. Hi again, ive been doing as much research on this as i can, it would seem the YG5T has the same oil pump configuration; indeed, many early yamahas had this same set up. everything ive read basically states "take it off, and then pout it back on, you dummy." well im not refuting the dummy part, but that aint workin. so, if this is indeed a classic yamaha forum, and anyone out there has an oil injected small displacement bike, and youve removed the type of pump that goes around the crankshaft, did it just go back on or not? thats my only question now. clearly, ill have to figure out the rest. just someone please answer me that one little question. thanks as always, Brian
  7. Hi everyone! I finally found the one that got away from me two years ago at Mid-Ohio...a 1970 G6S...rare little thing for the states, and fairly similar to the FS1 for those who are familiar. my oil injection pump was shot from the get go, so i took a chance on one from ebay and it seems solid as can be. so today i removed the oil injection pump, and tried to install the new one, but it seems to get hung up on something about .125" away from sealing to the case. if i kick the bike over, i can see the gear turning, so i know the crank is engaging with the pump, at least to a certain extent, but no matter what i try i cant get it on there! so then i thought, well, lets at least get the old one back on there. it doesnt go back on either....same thing: hangs up on something about .125 away from the case. well, dang it, i just took that one out, so i KNOW it can fit in there, and my new pump is identical to the old one, so what gives? the G6S-B manual i have covers absolutely nothing about removing or installing the oil pump. so, my question is the obvious one: whats the trick for getting these things back on the crank? any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated. im not a fan of premixing gas on bikes that have the injection pump; id much rather everything work as designed. i mean, ill likely not restore this to showroom, but im a stickler for the mechanical bits being right. anyhow, thanks again to anyone with the magic knowledge i lack. Brian Foose
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