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  1. I strongly advise all Tmax 530 owners from 2016 with electronic locks to consider that their locking system and electronic ignition is seriously flawed, that it has no security whatsoever. At 1.30 this morning my Tmax 530 was stolen in under 3 Minutes, with a disc lock as well. The steering lock is a joke. See pictures. Cannot upload them. I had a 20 14 T max 530 max stolen and recovered as well. It was lifted up and carted away and dumped up the Road, but the steering lock held up and it could not be ridden away. The unbelievable bit about the above is that with all the security module left with the wiring hanging out, it was still just ridden away. I had previously raised concerns about the steering lock just two months ago but was told by yamaha it couldn't be broken if the electrics were interrupted. It is the most unbelivable flimsy system on a 9-11000£ motor cycle. Pictures of the problem can be provided on request. I'm now looking at an excess of £950 to get it repaired. It's been a great day. Yamaha are not really interested at all in the problem. When I first got the bike a few months later it stopped working twice completely dead in the space of a week, one waiting 6 hrs for it to be recovered it transpired that you can't have your iPhone and the keys in the same pocket. It's interesting as yamaha said it's not their problem and apple said it's not their problem. No-one advised of this when I bought the bike. The problem is I love it, I Have had 6 of them and they just keep getting better and better, it's the best bike I have had, but I have to now consider selling it as I can't leave it anywhere because I have no idea of it will be there when I get back.
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