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  1. Hi Slice, Thanks for the response. Yes I do have a Haynes manual which is very detailed & useful but it just says "remove the bolt" but as it is stuck fast I'm not sure if I am supposed to force it out or maybe 'unscrew' it. Having removed all the petrol thingies I'll try heating it gently with a blow torch, thanks for the advice.
  2. Hi, I'm Harrington & joined a few weeks ago. I am in the process of removing the engine from my Virago XV 535 & have a problem removing the mounting bolt from the lower rear of the crankcase. I have removed the nuts, & slackened all the other mounting bolts but this one won't budge. I am not sure how to remove it, I have applied WD40, hit it with a hammer (several times), tried 'unscrewing' it using 2 nuts tightened together bit still no joy. Any ideas??
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