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  1. HI Slice, I just read your suggestions, Thank you and I just had come in the house after putting on a new fuel pump with no luck. but you might have steered me in the right direction I will let you know. one thing I did before this problem started is after I changed out the starter clutch I bought a new starter and ignition switch. When I installed the new switch on I did not have any power and found out it was the wrong one, so reinstalled the old one. it is after I put the old one back on that the problem started. I don't know maybe the connections in the wires got knocked loose or I could have damaged the old one. I have another one I am going to install it and I will let you know. the bike had full power before I made that change. Hey Jimmy I agree the carbs should have been re-jetted with the after market pipes and I plan on doing so. I wanted to take one step at a time to find out why I am having the bogging down problem when it was not my initial problem. Thanks I will keep you updated. I appreciate y'all for the suggestions
  2. Help!!! I am not a novice but I am stumped, I purchased a 2007 V Star 1100 Classic. When I looked at the bike it was popping and the number 2 pipe had bluing. it still had power and throttled up nice with some deaccelerate popping. The bike had after market Cobra pipes, and figured it was a carburation issue or vacuum. I drove the bike for about a week and out of no where it started bogging down and losing power. I rebuilt and cleaned the carburetors and cleaned and secured all vacuum lines. The carbs were bad and after rebuilding them out the popping went away and the idle is fine. but the bogging and loss of power was still there. when I throttle it up all the way in neutral, when it hits full throttle the RPMS goes up and down. So after I was finished I went to start it and the starter clutch went out, So I installed the new upgraded Yamaha starter clutch, All repair parts are OEM parts. The only thing I have not done yet was changed out the fuel pump but the fuel filter has been changed out. I have never had a bike do this before and I grew up on them and have always done my own work. I am almost think it can be electrical or not enough fuel pressure to keep a consistent gas flow. Has anyone ever had this problem with a V star?? I never had an issue one with my 2005 V star, but I have read the 2007 does have some factory issues mainly the starter clutch. Thank y'all in advance for any feedback. Acer12
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