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  1. Hello people! Been around motorcycles for about 50 years now. Early on I rode "OP's" (Other People's) as my Dad, as a young man, had a bad accident on a Cushman scooter (he woke up staring at an engine oil pan). He announced, "No motorcycles under my roof!" So, I didn't get my own bike, a used 1970 DT250, until I was 21, well after I established my independence. I've had 15 motorcycles over the years (4 Yammers, 3 Geese, 3 Beemers, 1 Bultaco Frontera, 1 Royal Enfield, 1 Korean scooter, 1 French Scorpa trials, and a Ural sidehack. Currently, I have five motorcycles under MY roof! (Note to Dad...;-) 2005 Moto Guzzi 750 Breva, 2015 Ural cT, 2015 Yamaha XT250, 2006 Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet, and a 2002 Scorpa SY250 Most used are the Ural and the XT250. The Bullet is a nostalgic piece. The Breva has been used for a few regional tours and is my "sports bike". And the Scorpa is a trials bike and used for technical trails near my home. (I'm not the competitive type.) At my age (68) I don't know how many dirt bike years I have left, so I thought I'd better use them or lose them. Thus, last summer a Scorpa trials bike found its way under my roof, and this spring, the Yamaha XT250. I am tinkering with the Scorpa (it suffers from deferred maintenance) and I am getting some "farkles" for the XT, which I would like to use mostly for around town and exploring trails ("I wonder where that goes...?"). I live on the north shore, at the base of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State, USA . Yeah, its rough duty but somebody has to do it... JayZee
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