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  1. Hello people! Been around motorcycles for about 50 years now. Early on I rode "OP's" (Other People's) as my Dad, as a young man, had a bad accident on a Cushman scooter (he woke up staring at an engine oil pan). He announced, "No motorcycles under my roof!" So, I didn't get my own bike, a used 1970 DT250, until I was 21, well after I established my independence. I've had 15 motorcycles over the years (4 Yammers, 3 Geese, 3 Beemers, 1 Bultaco Frontera, 1 Royal Enfield, 1 Korean scooter, 1 French Scorpa trials, and a Ural sidehack. Currently, I have five motorcycles under MY roof!
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