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  1. although, I MUST say I'm not impressed with the build quality on the electronics and such on this bike, even tho its a Yamaha. Cheap cables, connectors and such... The newer the bikes are, the worse it is.
  2. Thx for answer. I did order a new pump, spark plug and air filter on Tuesday, since it was highly needed.. The bike has been running all right since that day, but the outside temperatures dropped the day after the breakdown. Just hoping the pump will work until I receive the new one....
  3. Hi guys, im sorry if this post isn't supposed to be here, but right now I just sat down with a beer trying to figure what the hell is going on with my yamaha. Ive had issues from day focking 1 with this bike and today the damn bike broke down on me after sitting in the sun for a few hours (it was quite hot). I rode it to work this morning, no problems, rode home, no problems. Since the weather were good I left it outside while eating dinner, but when I was ready to set off, it fired up like normal, but died pretty quick. Id say it ran for about 5 sec and then died. She did NOT want to start after that, and it didn't prime the fuel pump when I turned on the ignition like it should. I tried once using start-gas, just to check if that would make it fire. And it did for a sec so it has spark and compression. I topped it up with fuel this morning so it has plenty of fuel. I left it in the garage for a few hours, and tried again. It started right away! But this time the fuel pump made its priming-sound. Is my fuel pump dying? Is this related to the hot weather? I took it for a ride an hour ago and stopped at a parking lot, restarting the engine a couple of times, just to check that the the fuel pump kept priming like its supposed to, and it did. ( I`ll never buy a injector bike again, its too much electronics and problems. Carb bikes are better) Is my fuel pump dying? Was it caused by the hot weather? Id say 30+ Celsius in the sun, so id consider that as hot..
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