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  1. To find a okay one it will be half of what I’m paying for the whole tzr engine. All the breakers ive messaged all try and talk in riddles to make what they have to sell seem better Cause I got the mk3 it makes things harder to find cause I’m sure the mk1/2 have different boxes and I bought a 1988 dtr gear box and that was different
  2. I’ve got a 1986 Dt125lc ypvs. Blown the motor a month or so ago and found out the gearbox is smashed to bits. I’ve found someone selling a 1987 tzr125 for sale. Wondering if anyone know if the engine mounts are the same and how hard it would be to wire everything up. (His energy comes with both CDI’s and a little bit of the loom)
  3. Hi guys. Recently brought the mk3 after turning 17. And have had a problem with it running. I had the carb ultrasonic clean cause it was bogging and occasionally backfiring. After having it cleaned the bike ran fine. After this I let it stood and the problem reoccurred. I soldered a new source coil onto the stater cause the back firing made me think it was electrical. Anyway suggestions on what it could be ???
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