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  1. Hi mr desperate here let me quickly run through how this went down bike never had any electrical issues prior to the sytuation always started on button never even had to kick it stood in rain and snow never and i mean never had issue with electrics so here it goes my chain snapped so we had to transport bike from location it stood at for 3days, we put it on its side( i know) but there was no other way at the time and my *friends dragged it out the car violently so now it wouldnt start battery was drained we charged battery it drained it and died again battery was repaced with new it killed it inside 60miles what happens is 1st rev meeter goes off then bike chokes drops revs and turns off battery was charged full same. Issue after 20miles again wont charge battery during jurney at all, noticable 1st clocks go down then ligts then powers cuting off can start it back on kick but wont keep revs it chokes n struggles on idle then dies again it has alarm system but half disconected by previus owner what most google info points out to but i have to point out that nobody was playing with elecricts and it has been like that for about 8months and never had issues its electric fuel injected 2008 custom model im Looking to buy parts but at this point not sure what to buy any tips appriciated
  2. Hallo boys/girls new member here hope we can share the passion and problems together got ybr 125 custom. Loving it
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