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  1. ahh great stuff. thankyou guys. i wasnt sure if i should use it when using the choke or on startup. thanks for the info. prob saved me a headache later on
  2. hi people. i have looked all over and cant seem to find the answer. so. i recently bought a 1989 XJ600. and i noticed on the fuel tap it says on, reserve and prime... question is what is the prime position for and should i use it? i have only ever seen on, off and reserve on bikes so im guessing its something the older bikes had. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. hey all. just a little introduction of myself. pretty new here and to big bikes. i have spent the last 16 years riding 125cc bikes. i decided it was time to dip my feet into the big bikes. so i bought myself a Xj600 pre diversion (1989)
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