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  1. I also need to obtain a v5c log book for a really early dt175mx ? Not sure if the bike is an import or uk bike, frame number is 2k4 0005xx & the numbers are good and not messed with. Hope someone can help me, Many thanks in advance Regards, Ronnie
  2. Hi all, please could anyone help me i have both a UK & German seat for a 1979/1980 dt 175mx. The German one is squared of at the back whilst the UK one is tapered , is this just down to the foam/seat cover ? hopefully the seat bases are the same, just hard to tell without stripping them both. Many thanks, Regards Ronnie
  3. Hi airhead, dont suppose you know if dt175mx crank cases are interchangeable or if they were machined as a pair at the yamaha factory. Many thanks Ronnie
  4. Hi all please could someone help me, are dt175mx crank cases machined as a pair at the yamaha factory or can they be interchangeable. The reason i ask is that i have two sets of cases & would like to interchange them to make one good set Many thanks in advance, kind regards Ronnie
  5. Hi Airhead, Many thanks for your help & the link. listed below are just a few parts i will be needing for my dt project REAR WHEEL REAR INNER MUDGUARD REAR TAIL LIGHT BRACKET REAR FOOT PEGS FRONT BRAKE LEVER HEAD LIGHT BULB HOLDER RUBBER FORK GAITERS SEAT COVER POSS SMALL LOTTO WIN TO HELP ME FINISH THE RESTORATION LOL Many thanks & best regards Ronnie
  6. will need to make a list, would like a new wiring loom for starters i think i may have ocd lol. All joking aside Airhead had the dt a few years now & collected many new genuine yamaha parts before stripping the bike. Now feel its time to crack on with the renovation & have some fun. Regards Ronnie
  7. Many thanks for replies guys, been looking for parts for a long time now. don`t need that much but gather the parts i need are the ones that are hard to find. Got two bikes that i am on with & costing me a small fortune lol, one of the bikes i hope to build to a very high standard as i did a few years ago to my kawasaki z1a900. When done i will maybe have many parts to sell on & will try to upload pictures of the build. Best regards Ronnie
  8. Hi all bit of a long shot but could anyone please let me know the numbers/letters that are stamped on a dt175mx rear wheel. The reason for this is to check one that i may be buying is the right wheel for my bike. Many thanks in advance, Kind regards Ronnie.
  9. Many thanks, Don`t suppose anyone knows the numbers that are stamped on a 1979 dt125mx rear wheel ? Many thanks in advance, Ronnie
  10. Hi all Bit of a long shot but i am renovating a yamaha dt 175 mx, does any one have a side stand for sale ?. also if any one has other spares for sale please let me know. Many thanks in advance, kind regards, Ronnie
  11. Hi all just joined yoc forum My name is Ronnie, I live in uk & the bike i have for renovation is a 1979 dt175mx. Any help with my project from this forum will be much appreciated Kind regards Ronnie
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