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  1. I have a micron exhaust off a ar80 that looks like it will fit. Need to fab up a plate but all good otherwise. Any ideas on jet size I should fit?
  2. Hi guys. Looking at trying to get a tiny bit more speed out of my fizzy. Heard people talking about removing the baffel out of the exhaust. How do I do this? Any links? I don’t want to do any damage and normally I just look on YouTube for any problems that I need solving. Can’t find any baffel vids for a Fs1e on you tube. Please help guys.
  3. I am still holding. ?
  4. Anyone done customised a v50? Lots people do it to the old Honda cubs. Not many do it to the v50’s lookingbfor some tips
  5. stuv50

    Yamaha v50

    Anyone have a Haynes manual? Leg shields? Any parts really I am near Gatwick airport
  6. i would like details on where you got parts from if possible. i struggling to find any. i have a 76 v50. no spark at the moment but hoping to sort that soon. would like to find some legshields
  7. thanks for letting me join. i have a 76 v50 and will be wanting parts and much needed advice from anyone willing to give it.
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