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  1. I know, been meaning to do it for some time!
  2. I’m up for this, as I’m new when is it usually held? I’m up for the lakes, I rode a bit around the Windermere area and the roads were pretty decent. However, that was last season before all the ‘salt & nasty’, storms and snow... but happy to travel to any new place, just want to be out on the bike!
  3. Even tho I have been a member for a year I have never said hello. Very rude of me! Apologies to all. Sooo, hello all. My name Kristian, I’m relatively new to the biking world even tho I have wanted one for many years! I am currently riding my dream bike, an R1. I’m lucky where I live as I have the yorkshire dales on my doorstep and easy to get to the lakes for some good rides out. I’m a member if this group to learn from like minded people and most probably ask for advice. Hopefully making new friends to ride out with along the way. Thank you for reading my post and again I apologise for the delay in posting. KB Edit: P.S it’s not usually kept outside, I had just picked it up. It’s sadly on trickle charge in a lock up waiting for the relentless storms to subside.
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