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  1. Cheers bud I’ll have to take a look I thought it might have somthing in the manual but no such luck
  2. No the filler is a separate piece. The pipe I’m on about is just underneath the top hose on the rad
  3. Hi drewpy I did think that but if it’s not connected it will keep running fluid out I thought I took a picture ?
  4. No problem drewpy and cheers blackhat250??
  5. Cheers buddy the pipe numbered 21 I no it goes from the rad but we’re does it go to I just can’t remember I thought I had a picture ?
  6. Thanks drewpy I’m hoping that you guys and girls can help ??
  7. Hi all joined up tonight hoping to get some advice on my fzs600 always had bikes as youngster but I only past my full bike test last June so I bought the Fazer 600 witch had Brocken exhaust studs so had the head off and scimmed valves reseated with new seals and piston rings and bottom and top head gasket while it was apart got it all back together but can’t for life of me remember we’re the small hose of the rad goes to so if any one no’s could u point me in the right direction also help needed with carb rejetting ????Cheers Dave
  8. Hi all Help needed I’ve stripped and rebuilt my fzs600 had it running today running a little rough I’ve channged the air box to k&n cones so I think carbs need retting way jets should I use also I can’t remember we’re the little hose goes from the rad ? could some one point me in the right direction cheers Dave
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