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  1. jancchi

    Yamaha tricity starting problems

    Problem fixed :D it was a blown fuse. Thanks guys!!
  2. jancchi

    Yamaha tricity starting problems

    Thanks, I did that already. To be more specific, I turn the key to the '' On '' position, and the only thing that happens is that I can hear the system starting, the rear light goes on, and the horn is funkcional. Display does not turn on, head lights, el. Starter doesn't work, the brake lights don't work. I have checked the battery, if it is not out of power, but it is full.
  3. jancchi

    Yamaha tricity starting problems

    Hi, today I went to see how is my bike doing. But it didn't even start :D the starter is probably OK, my back light and horn works. But the rest is off. I checked the battery, it is fully charged. Any ideas?