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  1. OK I think I understand, both my wiring goes to the switch first whereas yours goes to the regulator instead. Pretty sure I can figure it out now
  2. Hello, Glad to see this conversion still gets some use out of it, I'm actually looking to rewire my RS100S to 12v this year so glad that this is still up. wiring is basically the same. Green or Green+Red to white to charge Yellow to headlamp From what I understand the DTs have a wire that comes off from the switch to the regulator as well as to the headlight? It's the only part I don't understand in the guide Pic of my wiring just because. Also looking at removing the yellow wire and running the headlight off the battery since the other lights do. Might just terminate the yellow wire straight to the regulator since I can't see it doing harm Edit: The other options are using a 3 phase regulator as this will either use a smoother output or more voltage to regulate (which requires a regulator with a better max wattage rating) unsure on what but if I had to guess I'd say its smoother, final option is a single phase rec/regulator with a capacitor.
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