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  1. Sorry guys, didn't say why I was fiddling with the oil pump, the bike wasn't running right, chucking out loads of smoke, I mean loads...and wouldn't pull the skin of a rice pudding, firstly I had an issue with the throttle cable junction block, one of the throttle cables kept jumping out and the carbs wouldn't stay in sync, sorted that, carbs synced, swapped the jet needles out with the right ones for the bike, and adjusted the oil pump cable so the marks lined up..so far so good, started it up and it run so much better but noticed there was hardly any stroke on the oil pump so I set that up
  2. got the frustration frown already! eventually set up the carb sinc but struggling with the oil pump minimum stroke...anyone have a video anywhere on setting this up.....a picture paints a thousand words an all that. Cheers
  3. Greetings fellow Yamaha owners, just a quickie to introduce myself, I have only yesterday stepped back in time and bought a 1990 RD350 f2, had a quick spin out today and loved it... a couple of issues to iron out but nothing major, hoping to exchange banter and info on RD's. Hoping for a long and rewarding relationship with my LC Andy T
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