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  1. thanks guys, btw does anyone have a wiring diagram for a late 1980 model (with square section swing arm). Ive got a Haynes manual to 1980 but I dont think the wiring diagrams are correct for my bike. (There seems to be a later Haynes manual that goes to 1985 but I dont know if this is worth buying compared to what I already have) Cheers
  2. New to forum having just bought a dt175mx 1980. Back in the day I worked on these a lot so pretty comfortable with everything accept diagnosing electrics. And talk about bad luck, the headlights and tail lights stopped working at the MOT yesterday resulting in a failure Have since discovered the lights are turned on and off at the ignition switch as well as the handlebar switch. Will leave the post just in case there is anyone else out there as stupid as me and the MOT tester!
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