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  1. I think I feel better.... didn't know this was "one of those things"... I stopped & restarted a couple of more times that day with no issue. I traded my BMW R1200RT (which had an mysterious occasional idle problem) for the 'most reliable brand, Yamaha'. So, it freaked me out a little....
  2. I stopped at a gas station, filled the tank, and turned on the key to go. The engine turned over but wouldn't start. I pushed the bike 100 ft to get away from the pump area. Turned the key back on and it started OK. So, what was that all about? (The bike has 4000 miles on it. And, always on a battery tender.)
  3. Hi, Back in the day (1970) I had a DT1 250cc Enduro. Now, I have a 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT on order, so I'm back on a Yamaha. My most recent ride was a BMW R 1200 RT and had it for 5 years. I loved that bike but now, at 66 years old, I'm looking for a lighter weight, sport touring bike. This new Tracer seems to have every thing I'm looking for in a mid-weight sport touring bike.
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