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  1. I've just rebuilt my dt 50 mx .I've changed barrel to 60 cc changed the jet and it keeps seasing after about mile .I've noticed black oil coming out my exhaust dripping on my wheel not shore if oil going down .don't look like it but who knows .it gos 50 mph not shore if go faster if I do more to jets .like to know where to order stock carb kits if anyone knows . Is be grateful Gary
  2. Ive a 1991 dt 50 ive ungoven the exhaust .put 60cc kit on it but dont seem to made any diffrence .was thinking of re jetting carb but dont know what size to order ive ordered another exhaust .any good advice well come .would skimmed head help ?
  3. Im having same problem .ive a 88 jet but dont know my thread size so i can order jet for 60 cc kit
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