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  1. Being welded back on in situ with a "core" up the inside of the leg to give added strength. Idea is to cut the left hand leg cleanly, weld the tang back on, then insert a rod up the inside of the leg, and weld it back on, paint and job done Hopefully. Pictures later.
  2. As above, my "tang" snapped off today, so need either to get it welded back on...…..or simply replace it, anyone got one lying about ?
  3. Thanks, whilst putting it way tonight, put my foot on the main stand tank, and JUST got it to the balance point, when there was a loud crack, and the bike fell away from me. The tang has snapped off, and the bike tetered towards the adjacent Bonneville, but managed to haul it back over centre, and onto the side stand. Need to take the centre stand off now, but that's a bod work off, exhausts off job, so might wait till winter now.
  4. Thought I'd do a search for a forum, for advice and info, so here I am. A brief intro, i'm an old geezer (58) who started on an AP50 in 1976. Since then, dozens of bikes have passed through my hands, some I keep for a while, others I let go quickly. Last strokers (before the current one) were aTDR250, a KH250 and a GT185. Others owned include lots of air cooled RDs, GTs, and goodness knows what else. So last week, I picked up an RD350YPVS F2, a matching numbers UK bike, with a verified 12,000 miles on the clocks. Lovely thing, goes very well, and other than a very small panel repair, in remarkably good nick. This picture was taken at the vendor's house, before it was cleaned. A deep clean is underway now at my home. Speak soon.
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