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  1. As we all know getting brand new pistons for the xj900f can be very hard. But over the years with trail and error I have found some available now..

    You will find the xj900f standard bore is 69mm

    The Suzki 850 over sized is 70mm   and the dome is 1mm taller..

    I have designed and built my own Trike and the 1mm taller dome makes more hp the faster you go...

    The higher speeds means you will need racing oil...

    Please be careful.


  2. Hi all Yamaha XJ900f riders

    Sorry to say last month I commented on XT225 pistons would fit the XJ900f 

    This is not quite right The XT piston is a flat top and needs to be domed

    But After many months looking on the net I have found the Suzuki GS850 piston are Perfect for your rebuilds

    But you will have to have Cylinders rebored I have gone for the 70mm

    Have fun be safe

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  3. After months of looking online, I have at last found New Engine Pistons which are for the Yamaha XT225 70mm 

    which means they will be over sized from the standard XJ

    But will need to check Top of the piston to Gudgeon Pin which needs to be 16mm

    Hope this helps

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  4. Hi all Ive just built an xj900f Trike Any ideas where I can get a set of engine pistons .5 oversize so I can rebuild the spare engine


    Hi all Ivejust built an xj900f Trike Any ideas where I can get a set of engine pistons .5 oversize so I can rebuild the spare engine


    Chedd YICS You can pick up on Ebay or adjust 1 carb at a time using the same vacuum clock to do all 4

  5. Hi all

    With regarding xvs 125 give a little more poke

    When I was 16 on my first moped that would also do 70- 75 on a good day

    My 125 would do about 110ish

    You will be able to find out whether it's restricted by final  drive sprockets carb inlet size main jets needle height Exhaust But you must do everything not just one as doing just 1 will make the bike run lean then seize or blow up...

    If you have the money then get a big bore kit


    On 6/15/2010 at 10:16 PM, islaylag said:

    help, trying to get my front drive sprocket of my xvs 125,had torque wrench on and lifting bike off ground nut still refuses to move,i have bent the three locking tabs back, is it a l/h or r/h thread

    lol maybe you should pop down your local tire garage and ask them to use an air wrench or a 6ft bar on the end and lightly tap the socket with a hammer to crack the seal

  6. On 6/25/2011 at 7:36 PM, dblane79 said:

    Hey peeps!

    First post in here so nice to meet ya all!


    I ended up posting in this forum after trying for weeks to find a solution on the internet for my YBR125..The problem is, it wont start in hot weather...


    I've searched on the internet and found other peeps that have the same issue, but havent found any solution to it yet..

    Someone said he replaced the fuel pump and it sorted it out..Just wondering if there's any1 out there that has a definite answer before i try this.


    So its an 2007 ybr 125, done 13000 miles, everything is fine, except this issue.

    The engine light comes up for 5 seconds as normal, but there's no noise of the fuel pump engaging (not sure if thats what that sound is). I have to put it indoors, somewhere cool for 15-20 mins and then it just starts...


    any input is much appreciated!



    Just an Idea Check the pump first But if won't start when hot could be an electric problem or  Mixture But should be careful with this  if it runs to lean for too long it will seize up

  7. On 7/29/2011 at 10:40 AM, saltz said:

    HI All, have just bought my first big Bike, a 98 xj600s. Have riden it a few times now and seems like gear change Is getting worse. I gave it a service and new oil done it the world of good. Prob Is when I am changing down I realy have to stamp On the leaver. And also a recent thing Is when in first at the lights with clutch in, if I give it a little rev the Bike will edge forward. Tryd to adjust cable but no joy. Any ideas?

    It sounds like the selector forks or dog ends on the gears. Or maybe the pilot  error lol

    On 7/31/2011 at 10:52 PM, saltz said:

    Back again, anyone know where I can get the bearings from, been looking All day and can't find them, thanks

    They are online as Colchester Bearings or Pola Bearings they should be able to help

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