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  1. Thanks for the advise. Yeah, I was looking at some rear stands too for my bike, seen them for £35 which is still OK price but where did you see them for £15? That's a bargain! I went to Halfords last night and bought a load of cleaning produces for my bike aswell. Got myself some de-greaser to clean the chain, some metal polish to clean all the crap stuck on my end can and some Castrol bike polish! Gunna try and clean my bike tonight and do the chain. When lubing the chain, I think I might just have to do the old push your bike down the drive a little bit at a time to cover the whole chain or get the missus to hold the bike while it's pivoting on the stand and front wheel.
  2. Hello, After my bike's 600 mile service, the clock is nearly reading 1500 miles. I think it's time to clean and lube my chain but I've never done it before, can someone post some tips on how to do this? I'm thinking of using a can of WD-40 with a rag to clean the chain and then spray some Wurth Dry Lube on it which I've bought the other day. Also, I don't have a stand for my bike so what's the best way in doing this on my own?
  3. Just wondering what you guys wear whilst riding in the Hot Weather? I wear jeans, boots, gloves, helmet and a textile jacket to commute to work and it's bloody hot man!! I see some riders wearing only shorts and t-shirt....is that you?
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    Aye, those K6 GSX-R750 are awesome!
  5. Good morning guys, It was the first time I had luggage on the back of my bike yesterday, I strapped a Holdall bag to the back seat as I was going to football after work. When I was getting off the bike, I nearly dropped my baby as my leg got caught when getting off. The bike was banked over like over 50 degrees and I thought it was gunna drop! Proper caked myself but luckily, I managed to hold it up! It's amazing how much grip (Even in the wet as it was raining) the tires have when banked over that much at stand still! I guess I should have put the stand down before getting off, but the DAS course which I was only on about 3-4 weeks ago teach you to always get off the bike then put the stand down. Anyway, is there any technique in getting on and off the bike when having luggage at the back?
  6. I'll try that, thanks for the advice mate.
  7. As you said "Why do it? It's not doing your bike any good. The clutch is there for a reason." That's what I thought at first but clutchless upshifts are so smooth and you don't get that "lurching" movement when doing it. And when you're accelerating hard, it gives you more time to concentrate on accelerating and moving forward, rather than spending a second or two pulling the clutch in, changing gear and then letting the clutch out again. That's what I was told my a Police rider last week so I gave it a go. But clutchless "Downshifts" are definitely a NO NO.
  8. JohnR6


    The 2006 Kawasaki ZX-6R are nice man! I nearly bought one before I got my lovely brand new 05' R6 but I just knew I wouldn't feel right riding anything but a Yamaha. Just remember though, if you're gunna be getting a Kawasaki, I hope it's gunna be 'GREEN'!
  9. Been doing them since last Friday going home from work and it's really smooth! I only do them when accelerating hard though, as I tried to do them while going at normal speed and the gears just doesn't want to go in. So if I'm not accelerating hard doing town riding and stuff, then I use the clutch to shift. Also, I've been blipping the throttle when shifting down too, works really well especially when it's wet as it stops your back end from fish tailing when their's too much touque in a lower gear shifting down. Do you guys do this? And is Clutchless upshifts OK for my bike, it seems a lot smoother than shifting up using the clutch.......so I guess it's good right?
  10. .....the Heel plates are scratched already! I think it's from all the dirt sticking to the inside of my boots while riding in the wet and then it get's scrubbed and scratched onto the heel plates while changing gear and applying the rear brake! Is their any way in getting the scatches out? Bit of T-Cut polish, will that do? I know I can't wrap my bike in cotton wool but you have to try!
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    I guess if you keep your fron't wheel on the ground all the time, then Tankslappers shouldn't really happen.....unless you hit a bump or a pot hole coming out a corner or something right?
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    I haven't experience one of these, touch wood that I won't and I really don't want one! I've been reading about them and I was wondering if any of you guys have experienced one and how did you deal with it? Here's a good read about them from joe250.com: I was just wondering, wouldn't applying the back brake help during a tankslap?
  13. Man, it was pi55ing it down this morning in Manchester (like always), I was riding into work in my R6 like I have been for the last week. Anyway, I gave myself plenty of room and not following the car in front too close, when suddenly the car infront did an emergency stop as some idiot decided to run across the road! I had to do an "In the wet" emergency stop too.......bloody sh!t myself!! I think I slightly locked my back wheel and I skidded out and fish tailed like a ba5tard until it eventually stopped! During that moment, everything seemed really slow but all I can think about was "Oh Sh!t, the back end is all over the place" and the more you sh!t yourself the more brake you want to apply and by the time I realised that I should ease off the brakes, I had already stopped which was a good job!!! I was only going 30mph too! Now I know why my instructor told me to not use the back brake so much in the wet as it locks your back wheel and you end up doing what I just did 30 minutes ago! What a moment it was for me, and it's taught me not to load the back too much now when it's wet! After that little moment for me, everytime I approached a traffic light, I just came off the trottle early and applied the brakes (front and a little a t the back) and released the brakes and then re-applied it again, abit like an ABS system. That way felt alot better when stopping and not as harsh. Motorbikes are great though, you experience something new everyday and you're constantly learning all the time. Let hope we all learn things the easier way like I just have and not the hard way. Ride Safe.
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    Yeah, I've heard that the Teknik stuff are good too but I'm either going with Alpinestars or Arlen Ness. I guess you are paying a fair bit of money for them so best is to get what you like the look of, but protection wise, they're all pretty good TBH especially if you're paying £400+ for a set. Check these Arlen Ness out, look pretty good and a fair price for what they are: http://www.harpersraceshop.co.uk/item2227.htm
  15. JohnR6


    I need to get some leathers soon, I'm just wearing textile pants and jacket at the moment, they are good, do the job and keeps me dry when I'm cummuting to work everyday on my 05 R6. Anyway, I was wondering what leathers do you guys wear? I had my sight set on some Alpinestars 1pz but then I saw some Arlen Ness ones which where cheaper and looks more protective (and also I love that dragon logo on them!). I'm also not too sure whether to get a 1pz suit or 2pz? 1pz is probably more protective but 2pz is more practical and I would use them for work too. If I got 1pz, I wouldn't feel right going to work with them and idiots on the road will always try and race you haven seen you with your full racing kit on!?! anyway, what do you guys wear for riding?
  16. I've got the stickers off now. After hours of peeling the stickers left some residue so I used some WD-40 to loosen it up and it worked a bit but still left a thin layer of glue on there. I then whipped out some T-Cut and polised the glue out. My tank is all clean now!! I was looking at my bike before and notice this little tiny tiny dint on thr front, can't really see it but I can!! Must have been from whne I was blasting down the motorway or something! Oh well, these things happen.
  17. Hi Mate, I've just managed to take off the stickers, been sratching it off for the last hour!! Now, there's only the residue left on it......I think some WD-40 will do the trick. I tried some alcohol solvent and it started coming off but dried up very quickly, so the residue is still there. I think WD-40 works best really. Anyway, gunna go to the motor shop to get some now. Tell you guys what happens soon.
  18. Hi mate, It's been raining outside and my bike is soaked so I just nipped out to see if the sticker is coming off easier and it is, I just have to keep working at it with my finger nail!! It'll eventually come off, bit of rain water, elbow grease and WD-40 should do the trick.
  19. Hi Guys, Having just picked up my new 05 R6 last Thursday, I was just wondering what sort of maintenance checks I should be doing and how often should I do them? Please can anyone give me like a to-do-list so I can get into a routine of doing it. Also, I'm trying to take off those annoying stickers on my tank, been slowly scratching it out every now and then and it's still stuck on like a b&5tard. I heard the hair dryer works like treat but me living in on 5th floor in a block of flat at the mement, I can't get a long enough extension to to bring the dryer outside. I also heard some warm water with some baby shampoo works too, but have to scrub at it for a bit. Any tips on getting those stickers off? My yoke is scratch too from my lock keys, so I've taken them off now and just put some sticker on the yoke, might get a carbon fibre yoke protector. Is your yoke scratched to f**k aswell?
  20. Hi Mate, I've done about 150+ miles since I picked my bike up on Thursday, I've been keeping it under 7-8K rpm to run in the engine and taking it easy with new tyres and all. I haven't had it on one wheel yet and I think I won't be attempting it.....I'll probably Sh!t myself so it's not really worth dirtying my undies for it, and definitely not worth dropping my baby for it too. Personally, I'm not really into pulling wheelies and doing endos and stuff, I just want to learn how to ride the bike good and being able to control it in all situations whether I'm going at high or low speeds. Once the engine has run in and I've done my first service, I'm going to do the Advanced. It's pretty good, teaches you to ride defensive and attacking at the right time and how to give yourself an escape route in all situations and keeping that clear area around you. I've been doing alot of counter steering, it felt funny at first but then you realise that it's the best way to go round bends with and it becomes natural after a while. If quite amazing how alot people don't realise that they are doing it when they lean over. When approaching corners or bends, I just push the left or right bar (Depending on what direction bend your going into) a bit and it just turns easily and if you need to turn more, then I just lean over and it takes it round nice and smoothly. It's all good learning for me. I've been riding in the rain too as I'm using my bike for commuting and stuff. You got to just take it extra easy, ride it more smoothly and and slow down a bit earlier and not to do any harsh breaking as you can easily fish tail the back wheel! As my instructor said, if you can ride in rain, you can ride in anything......not too sure if I'll ride in snow though!?? Anyway, gunna be doing more miles this week and it raining all this week in Manchester aswell, I'll just take it easy but it's hard when some idiot in a car is expecting you to always ride fast in a bike and wants to race you or something! I usually just accelerate off, if it's clear infront and they tend to back off after a while having realised that they can't keep up on 4 wheels if I wanted to really burn him off........idiots! The Girl Racers in done up hatch backs are the worst, they don't seen to know how fast bikes are and always trying to do some idiotic thing! Gunna go out with some bike veterans on Sunday (meant to be Sunny on that day), and I hope they can teach me a thing or two. John.
  21. All I got to say is that the machine is awesome!! I just love riding it! At first, I didn't know what to expect and I had to get use to the riding position and the controls, but after about 5 minutes of riding, I started to relax and totoally enjoying my bike. I'm still smiling from riding the beast to work! One thing I've also noticed is that the turning angle of my R6 is piss poor compared to the 500cc bikes I was riding during my DAS. I tried to do a U-turn in a tightish road......f**k me, I nearly dropped the thing! I was also turning into this tight angled road at low speed and my fist was bloody touching the tank! Anyway, I'm sure I'll get use to it after a few more miles. At the moment, I'm just taking it easy and enjoying the ride.....I love it! I've still got to wear in the tired, so I can't lean too much and can't take the bike over 7K rpm until I've done the first service at 600miles.....oh well, another 500+ miles to sit back, take it easy and enjoy the ride in the glorious sunshine!
  22. JohnR6

    Dark Visors?

    What's the Law on Dark Visors? I'm thinking of getting one as Summer is here and the Sun is blasting down but will I get pulled over by the Police?
  23. Do you look the drivers in the eye when they are at a junction just to make sure that they've seen you? The scary thing is that sometimes, people look in your direction and they don't even see you......I had that done to me during my DAS lesson but I knew the driver was gunna pull out so I managed to stop in time!
  24. Cheers guys. I'm gunna collect my bike tomorrow afternoon and I just can't wait. The weather is looking good and it's just perfect. The first thing I'm gunna do is put a few stickers on just to customise my bike and then take a ride around before going home. I'm not gunna be stupid on my bike, I'm gunna treating it like a lady and I'm just gunna enjoy the ride every time I go on it and keep everything as legal as possible. I'm gunna be doing my Advance too, just to get more knowledge and be more safer. I'll be riding with a little moto of mine, "Ride it smooth and ride it safe". The only thing I'm a bit scared of is "Tankslappers", I really hope I won't experience one. If I ride the bike as smooth as possible, no harsh braking or accelarating, I think I should be OK. So do any of you guys have any tips for a new bike rookie like me?
  25. Guess what........I just bought an 2005 R6 from the Yamaha dealer! I'm so happy and excited man. Gunna pick it up on Thursday, just been on the phone to Bennetts and sorted the insurance out. It's all good. The guy at Yamaha threw in a Sold Secure Chain with the deal and he's gunna fit some Datatags on the bike for me. The Bike already comes with the Yamaha YISS CAT2 Immobiliser so that's OK, but I might just go to a bike shop and see about fitting an alarm just for piece of mind. I'm all ready to go now, just waiting for Thursday to come round now.
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