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  1. I'm confused, there's three drain plugs and two fill holes that I can see. I assume one for clutch fluid and one for oil. Can anyone tell me what type and how much of each? And what's the third drain plug for? Thanks for the help
  2. Awesome, thank you. I'll see what I can do. Yes I have a meter.
  3. Hey all, I'm kinda new to bikes. I picked up this YA6 and it was running. One night I rode it to the end of the road and about 3 houses before I made it back it stopped running. Its had no spark ever since. I found the wiring to the tail light and brake light had broken, still no spark. The fuse is good and the grounds seem ok. I have replaced the coil. Any thoughts on what to do next? Condenser? Thanks for the help.
  4. Hello, I recently acquired a 1965 Yamaha YA6. After not riding for 20 years this is my first bike. The only issue is it has no spark and the starter is weak. I was riding and it just stopped running. All the grounds look good, the battery is weak as well but it should still spark. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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