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  1. Rj Maan

    Yamaha SR125

    I think you should take it to the mechanic or there is another feasible option for you. There are some Yamaha Service Manuals are available online and you can easily gain some basic idea of how you can repair your bike. These manuals have provided full detail of repairing each part of bike.
  2. That's great it seems that you guys had great fun.
  3. Hi there and welcome to the forum.
  4. Rj Maan

    rs 125

    Yeah some times the spare parts of bikes are really difficult to find. I think you should keep on visiting your local dealers. They can help you in this regards.
  5. I thought that their might be some problem of spark plug but you have mentioned that you have checked it as well. I think you should ask from mechanic because it think there is some kind of wiring issue in it or you can also use Yamaha Repairing Manuals which would also help you in its repairing.
  6. Rj Maan


    I have not used ebikes but they are everywhere on internet with the motive to save environment. I think they are good because one can recharge them at home and have almost zero noise with no emission.
  7. First of all congratulation on your new bike and secondly you should check your local market whether their are some good dealer who would help you in insurance or not.
  8. I think in the inset other media option you can insert the image link which will then appear in the post.
  9. OMG, thanks God your bike is still in your hands. I think it is a minor handlebar issue. You can ask the mechanic to repair it. May be something stuck inside the bars which is not allowing it to turn right.
  10. Hi there and welcome to the forum. Hope you are enjoying good health.
  11. That's good. Definitely i will contact you when i will need an ignition coils.
  12. It feels good to have you in our family.
  13. Yeah, i am facing the same problem here.
  14. OMG, it is really difficult for me to ride in such conditions because the spark plug of my bike gets wet and engine stops. So, i prefer to stay home on rainy day. But I hope you enjoyed such ride because heavy bikes have a perfect body and they are capable to perform well under such conditions.
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