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  1. Hi Gents. Thank you for the replies. I tried Drewpy's advice, but it's not even hinting at moving. From what I can see, you'd need a pair of seriously strong hands to win that struggle. The larger of the two tools suggested by Slice may do the trick. I don't have one however... I'll be looking out for one. If that doesn't work, then I'm stumped. I can then only hope that my local Yamaha dealership will have a solution. I'm in Cape Town, SA Some pics for better reference:
  2. Hi Guys. I tried asking this question as a reply to an older thread, with no reponses... So I'll try it this way I'm pretty sure I replaced the fuel cap the wrong way around, and now I can't remove it. The key turns, but the cap just won't budge. Any ideas or suggestions how to sort this out will be greatly appreciated. Please help. My apologies... I accidentally posted this twice
  3. Hi Guys. I am new here. I'm not exactly a biker. I own a Yamaha YBR125 that I use for errands to the shop and local meetings.
  4. Hi Guys. I have a similar issue with my YBR125. The key turns, but the cap refuses to budge. Any advice will be greatly appreciated
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