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  1. Stand not bent, very little play in the bolt bracket. There is no sign of stress at the bracket suggesting that it's not bent. The stand doesn't stick out when raised to horizontal. I really don't want to surmise what's wrong, was simply hoping for a couple of metric sizes odd picture.
  2. Worst comes to worst I'll cut stand and weld a bit in. It's either the wrong stand or Victor F and Igor have changed wheels( they look original) or the shocks are changed and its taller. I'd just love it to know someone with an original xt250 then all my dumb questions could be answered.
  3. I received this reply from Fowlers Yamaha UK, just thought I'd share it. Might jog someone's memory, and tell me which market it was built for perhaps. As for the lean, a friend suggested I might have different suspension, maybe? Hi Brian, Well, the 3Y3 tells us that it is the correct exhaust for the XT250. The bad news is that none of the parts catalogues we have checked that use the 3Y3 exhaust use that 3 bolt heatshield, despite the 3 fixings. They all use the 2 bolt type that you already have, which obviously means you are left with a surplus fitting point.The reason for this could well be that the exhaust part numbers have superseded over the years to the same number, which is 3Y31471161. The original part number could have been one that just had the 2 bolt fixing, but, at some point, rather than continue to produce 2 exhausts that are essentially the same with the exception of the number of fixings, they changed the number over to the 3 bolt one. Sorry Brian but I am not sure what else to suggest. We've checked all the catalogues we can think of, and tried searching for a possible part number using the part coding system, with no luck. It is possible that the 3 bolt shield was only used for a couple of specific markets when the bike was new, which may explain why it is not shown anywhere except on the MotoProfi pages. Kind Regards Sam
  4. Thanks for that, Bit i want to keep bike original so was hoping there was an xt250 owner out there who could just measure it. And another maybe 350 owner who might recognise the "strange" exhaust.
  5. Yeah, sorry, I should have said muffler protector. But that doesn't answer my question. Why have I got three fixings, is this exhaust from another bike? One of my original questions were, which bike is the exhaust from? Can anyone tell me? My other question was and still is, what about the lean of the bike, it appears excessive, any comments. The bike you show doesn't "appear" to lean over as far. So can anyone tell me the length of the stand, in case Igor also fitted a different stand?! Thanks for the help, very much appreciated.
  6. Hi TommyTB, you have a long list of my fav bikes there. Anyway so I had this brand new xt250 years ago that some guy tried to "do" me on, when it was three weeks old. So just got another one from same era. So this bike I think has been worked on by Victor and Igor! Bits look strange. Odd, scrambled from various sources. I've got manuals and microfiche and stuff. So this exhaust has three fixing points, yet the muffler only covers two. I'm wondering if I have the wrong exhaust???.? Have you any idea where I might source a three fixing muffler? my other point is the bike seems to lean over quite far? Any comment. cheers Brian
  7. Tried to mail him, but computer says "he not receiving messages"
  8. So I have this xt250 which I'm doing a bit of research on. The exhaust pipe has three fixing points for the muffler cover. However the muffler cover I have which seems correct from all the graphics from the web and also from fowlers website, only covers TWO fixings. So my question is, can anyone tell me which bike the three fixing exhaust might be from? That way I can either buy a muffler for this exhaust or try to source an xt250 exhaust. Also, the bike seems to lean over A LOT on the side stand. Can anyone give me an exact length of stand, I'm wondering if it's not the correct one? Thanks
  9. Since I posted this question I've had a reply from Yamaha and another paint source. Apparently the white is CLEAN WHITE. And the black is affectionately known as YAMAHA BLACK. Thought is might be of interest.
  10. No, bike was never advertised. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Hi, new here, hope someone can help? Just bought an old 1980 xt250, the log book says RED, the colour is actually white. It has the correct looking Xt decal on the tank and nothing on the side panels. Can anybody tell me what colours were actually available in the UK circa 1980? Also interested in colour schemes across the world, but just want to put my bike back the way it was. Was it actually Red? I owned a new xt250 in 1980, it was white with the black triangle on the tank going over the petrol cap.
  12. Bought my first xt250 in 1980. From new it lasted three weeks til somebody bent it with me on it. Had two xt500s since then, amongst other bikes. Just recently bought another 1980 xt250. Planning to restore it. Hello Yamaha friends!
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