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  1. Hi all Touch wood, the V50 is going strong... I’ve since moved jobs which means a daily commute with hills which is a drag... No doubt the answer is no but by chance does anyone have a V90 engine lying around for me to rebuild / transplant? There has been nothing for months online. Yes, I could get another bike altogether but I don’t want to. The V50 is so uncool it’s cool and I’m loathed to part with it to let someone cut it to pieces and put a pit bike engine in it. Thanks for your help. Maybe I should be emailing the Philippines? I think they drag race them there?
  2. Morning all I’ve introduced myself in the newbies section but my name’s James and I’ve just got myself an unmolested 1986 V50 ?M... 7,000m and been stood since 1994. Just passed it’s MOT. Its to get me from North to south London on a daily basis. Wish me luck! Just a couple of questions if anyone can help... (I’m no mechanic so please keep any answers basic ++ so I stand a chance) 1986 - Two speed gearbox. From reading, this is the restricted model? Presumably, there’s no easy way to get a bit more grunt out of this model? Not too bothered as my entire 10 mile route to work is 20mph speed limit anyway. What is the high / low ratio gearbox about? Is low for carrying pillions? There is a clip preventing me putting it into low ratio anyway - is this normal? Should I be putting the bike into neutral when sitting at traffic lights? Is neutral only for starting the bike? It lurches when put into high ratio - is this normal? It will just about idle when stopped “in gear” (but often cuts out) and definitely will cut out if in neutral. Could this be due to a tired battery not providing enough spark on idle? At the moment, when stopped I have to sit there revving feeling a lot of a twat and wasting fuel... Is choke on with the lever to the left or the right? Starts either way... Thanks in advance everyone - I’ll get myself a manual ASAP !! All the best James
  3. Morning all My name’s James and I’ve just got myself a 1986 V50 ?M... 7,000m and been stood since 1994 Just passed it’s MOT. Its to get me from North to south London on a daily basis. Wish me luck! Previous bikes in order... Yamaha DT50MX, Suzuki 125 RM, Aprilia RS250, Honda CR250, Honda foresight 250. Honda CB500/4, Ducati 998S, Since living in London... Yamaha QT50, Piaggio fly 125 and now the V50 Great forum, sure will come in v handy to keep this little beast on the road! All the best James
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