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  1. Thanks Neo. I’ve tried it with and without the silencer. Exactly the same. I’m looking at the electrical side now I th8nk, pulse coil, coil, CDI, timing... all that, although some of it is new or refurbished. I think if 8 hand it over to a pro I will ask them to go that route first.
  2. Emptied and ran up several times. I think it’s one of those really rare problems that may be identified by someone that’s has the same. I notice a thread on here 3 years old with exactly the same but there is no outcome to how he resolved it.
  3. Thanks chaps. It’s on the second plug and the plug is wet / oily so indicating maybe it’s an electrical issue. Baffled.
  4. Hello, I’m posting this as I really have run out of ideas. I’ve restored my dt175mx from a non runner. The engine is fully rebuilt, exhaust decoked, stator rewound, rotor is intact, carb has been cleaned and I’ve fitted new jets to suit the standards in the Yamaha manual I have. I’ve put a new coil and plug on. Timing is set as the marks state. Reeds look good and all rubbers are tidy. New air filter and everything nice and tightly done up. Oil pump is rebuilt and the exhaust has a nice blue tint. she fires up first kick, ticks over nicely, but once you ride it it it has nothing from 4 to 5 k., splutters and won’t rev. I just can’t think what I’ve missed and don’t know where to turn. I’ve spoken to a guy who sells CDIs who is adamant that is not the problem. So really not much more I can check with my limited knowledge. i know someone else on here has experienced a similar issue, and would really appreciate any guidance to resolve it. thanks, Martin.
  5. Hi, please can you let me know if you resolved your DT problem as I’ve just read your story and have gone through exactly the same! I don’t know what to try next.

    best regards 

    Martin crabtree

  6. Hello, I will take a punt and hope I get a response. I have the same problem with my DT and am a lost end. Did Eden ever get to the bottom of the problem? Any info would save me so much further grief. best regards, [email protected]
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