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  1. I have ordered one from EBAY, thanks
  2. Not really only been riding again for 10 months now after I sold my GS 750 when kids were born About 20years ago
  3. Hi I am having a problem with my Fazer, goes into gear and pulls away fine but once it gets to 15 mph or if I open the throttle it just revs higher but does not pick up speed, the same thing happens if I change to 2 nd gear. Cant go to 3rd as it starts to stall. have tried to adjust the cable at the handlebar end but no difference I am not sure what to do at the engine end. Has no problem going into gear or back into neutral. Any ideas please. Thank you
  4. Thank you for accepting me. My name is Kenny and I have a Yamaha fazer 600. Hope to learn lots about the bike here as I have not had the bike long and never had a Yamaha before. Thank you
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